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So, after 2 years of sleep issues with our little girl we were at a loose end. To be honest I felt a bit hopeless and didn’t think we would come out the other side. That was when we met Fiona.

I was always skeptical of the idea of a sleep consultant and was expecting to hear cry it out mentioned but Fiona’s approach to our sleep issues suited our parenting style.

Fiona thoroughly explained the science of sleep and it was crazy how slight tweaks and changes to our routine and sleep environment made such an impact.

We also implemented some of the tips that Fiona gave us with our 5-month-old and again the difference it made to her sleep.

Fiona was with us every step of the way through this journey. With Fiona’s help, it made a difference not only to our two-year-old but our entire family. For anyone unsure of using a sleep consultant like I was, the journey with Fiona really changed my perspective. If you are struggling with sleep issues with your child, I would definitely recommend Fiona.

Shauna, Danie , Eva and Esme

Ireland, One-to-One Support

When we first met Fiona we had a 4-month-old son who was waking every hour at night and impossible to get back down. He would not nap in his cot, only in his buggy or our arms.

From day 1 Fiona was just massive support. She monitored our sons routine and habits and then made a suggested sleep plan for us from there.  She explained the science behind sleep and how our sleep plan would work.

Everything was explained down to the smallest detail.

Within a few days of working on this plan, our little boy was napping in his cot and was doing long sleeps at night.  Even when there are some bad times, sickness etc, thanks to Fiona we now have the tools to help our little boy and his sleep.

Fiona is there every step of the way with suggestions and support. She is very approachable and just really cares about what she does. That is very evident!!

We would highly recommend Fiona to anyone thinking about working with a sleep consultant. We would not be where we are today if it was not for her and we are extremely grateful to her for that.

Stephen, Grainne & Domhnall

Ireland, One-to-One Support

Fiona helped us to rectify our baby’s 4am wake ups and significantly increased her overall daily amount of sleeping hours.

She also greatly improved our pre-bed routine for our daughter, Elisabeth.

She was extremely supportive throughout the entire process and was constantly communicating with us.

We would absolutely recommend her to anybody looking to improve and better understand their babies sleep.

Thanks, Fiona!

Emma and Patrick

Ireland, One-to-One Support

Fiona was such great support helping us to settle our 8-month-old baby.

He had been waking 4 to 5 times a night since birth and only settling with a feed from Mama.

He shares a room with his toddler sibling so we were worried about affecting her sleep! 

Fiona offered really practical, helpful tips that were easy to build into our routines and advice on how to cut out some of our night feeds as gently as possible.

It was a rough couple of weeks but he now sleeps much better and when we are ready to completely cut out his last night feed we have the tools to do this as gently as possible thanks to Fiona

Dee and Neil

Ireland, One-to-One Support

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