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All the tools you need to help your newborn, baby or child sleep well, with a strong focus on emotional wellness.

When you’re struggling with sleep, you’re likely getting advice from everyone you meet. The thing is, the advice is likely all conflicting, right? You’ve probably tried a few different techniques and haven’t seen much success and aren’t sure what to do next? The Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy has helped families from 11 countries enjoy better sleep simply by using the techniques in the easy-to-follow videos.

birth to 4 months

newborn sleep academy

Are you expecting a baby and want to learn all about sleep? Do you have a newborn and are struggling with the lack of Zzzzzzzzz’s? The Sleepy Lambs Newborn Sleep Academy will give you the tools to help your little one sleep better and get started on a path to great sleep from day 1.

If you’re worried about “sleep training” or leaving your baby to cry, don’t worry! This program focuses on gentle and holistic methods to help your baby sleep better, and you never need to leave your baby to cry.

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Where: Online, self-paced

For: Birth to 4 months

How: Videos Lessons &  Cheat Sheets

Who: Parents & Parents-To-Be

4 to 14 months

baby sleep academy

If your baby isn’t sleeping well, it affects the entire family. Healthy sleep and age-appropriate sleep is important for your baby’s growth and development and also essential for your health too. Whether it’s due to the dreaded “4-month sleep regression,” reflux, or just doesn’t like his cot, the Sleepy Lambs Sleep Academy will give you the easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach to help your baby get the healthy sleep they need, even if you have no interest in traditional “sleep training.”  There is a strong focus on emotional wellness throughout and no suggestion of “extinction” or “cry-it-out.”

Where: Online, self-paced

For:  Babies from 4-14 months

How: Video Lessons & Cheat Sheets

Who: You!

14 months – 4+ years

toddlers & young children

Whether you have a toddler or young child who isn’t keen on bedtime, waking up frequently in the night, starting the day at “o’dark hundred” or should be napping but isn’t, sleep for this age group is an entirely different game than it is for babies. The approaches are completely different and there is a strong focus on emotional wellness and no sleep training involved.

Where: Online, self-paced

For:  Toddlers from 14 months – 4+ years

How: Video Lessons & Cheat Sheets

Who: You!

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