Moving Baba Into Their Own Room

Moving your little one into their own room can be extremely daunting and scary for parents and can also be a big change for your little one! 

The HSE guidelines advise sleeping in the same room with your little one until they are at least 6 months old. 

Some parents, for whatever reason they decide, will move their baby into their own room before this time, or the complete opposite, and their little one will be older than 6 months before that move is made. 

Whatever the decision is, it is the parent’s choice of course.

However, it is inevitable that this transition will happen eventually –  

So here are my top tips to help during this time:

Prior to moving your little one into their own room, ensure that their sleep environment is conducive for healthy and restful sleep: 

  • Examples of this are ensuring that the room is dark enough to support the production of the sleep-inducing hormone, Melatonin.  Blackout blinds will probably be needed for the summer months, as we do not want out little one’s waking up at 4 am when it is bright out! 
  • Ensuring your little one’s room and the cot is a safe environment i.e. having a clear cot free of loose covers, bumpers and toys 
  • Having the ideal room temperature – the current HSE guidelines are 16-20 degrees 
  • I would suggest adding white noise for the duration of the night, as this helps block out internal and external noises.  Examples of this would be Thursday afternoon bin men or a pump in your house
  • A calm colour palette is very soothing for your little one’s sleep environment  
  • I have included a Sleep Environment checklist here
  • For more information on safer sleep guidelines please click here

Ensure your little ones have a happy association with their sleep space:

  • It is so important that our little ones love their room, like we as parents love our bedrooms and our beds! (I certainly do anyway!)  At least a week or more, prior to moving your little one into their new room, have plenty of fun times in their room and cot. It is very important to spend this time away from sleep time – so during the day, as part of their playtime.  Plenty of laughs giggles and fun. You can start doing this at any time you want with your little one, even from birth! By the time your little ones are moving to their own room, they will love this space, which makes a huge difference to sleep.

Begin with naps:

  • It is always easier to transition your little one into their own room during the day at nap time. This can be done for a few days to a week, and then when you are ready, you can transition your little one for all sleep time, including night time

Be patient:

  • This is a time of transition for parents and babies.  Depending on your little one, this transition may be very easy; however, it could also take a little bit of time for your little one to adjust to their new space.  Continue with the cot/room play during this time, it will help significantly.

There is no rush – do this when you are ready!

  • There may be some parents who are not ready to move their little one into their own room at 6 months, and this is absolutely fine.  Do it at your own pace!

Good luck! 



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