Holiday Time!

It’s that time of year!

The thoughts of getting some vitamin D on our bones and the lovely rays of sunshine cascading onto our pasty winter skin is very exciting!

When you have little ones, going on holiday is not as easy as it used to be. Whether you are going abroad or staying in your own country – A LOT of preparation is needed!

Do we have enough food? Milk? Clothes? What if the weather is cold? What if the weather is hot and cold? Is the apartment, hotel or villa child safe? AND many more preparations are needed for a holiday with our children.

You are, no doubt, already well versed in how to travel with your little ones, especially if you have done this before! And if you can think of any more tips – please comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

One of the main tips I would initially give is to try and stick to your routine as much as you can. It may be impossible some days, of course, however, it will make the transition a lot easier, not only when you are away, but when you come home also.

Here are a few more of my tips for travelling on planes with youngsters:

 – Ensure you have plenty of extras in your carry-on luggage for your baby or toddler, especially to be prepared for any delays with your flights. Including snacks, formula (if breastfeeding that will be easy), change of clothes, muslin blankets, extra clean soothers etc. Try and make sure they are easily retrievable also when you are on a flight

 – A carrier or sling is excellent on a flight for baby to sleep in (and your hands will also be free). If you are on a long haul flight, you can try and pre-book the bulkhead seats, where you can organise a bassinet for your baby to sleep in

 – If you have a toddler, an aisle seat might be best to sit in, as you can get up and down as you please. If you have a younger baby, a window seat is great to get plenty of sleep, and you won’t be disturbed by other passengers

 – If you have a toddler – entertainment is key. So try and bring small travel toys like crayons and notepaper – you know this of course!

 – A plane has automatic white noise, and motion, which is great for sleeping babies or toddlers

 – When the plane is taking off or landing, this can sometimes affect our ears, so try and get your little one to feed, or suck on a soother during these times to minimise the impact. If they are already asleep at this time – even better!

When You Get There:

 – When you arrive in your hotel, villa or apartment, let your little ones have plenty of playtime in their new short term home. In particular, the bedrooms and bed or cot where they will be sleeping. Letting your little one get familiar and comfortable in their new surroundings is very important

 – Bring some bedding items from home, ie a sheet, comforters, sleeping bags etc. It is comfortable and familiar to have something from home for your little one when they are going to sleep

 – Pre-bedtime and pre-naptime routine is so important during holiday time. There is usually a lot going on when we are on holidays, so our little ones can easily be over-stimulated and become overtired. Ensuring that you take the time out before naps and bed, and to give your little one some “downtime” will help and make the transition to sleep a lot easier

 – If you think your little one is getting overstimulated, even if it is not nap time or bedtime, you can take them away from the craziness for a little while to help your little one relax and have some downtime. (and you too!)

 – Babies and toddlers are not as affected by a time difference as much as us adults. However, if there is a large time difference, exposing your little one to sunlight during the day, and having dimmed lights in the evening time, and darkness at night will help their body clock adjust

Temperature – Safer sleep practices are so important for our little ones, so please read my next blog coming soon for safer sleeping in the summertime months for your little ones xx

My name is Fiona, and I am a Sleepy Lambs Sleep Consultant, specialising with baby’s, toddlers and young children. I am a Mum of two crazy and wonderful little one’s! x

Sleep challenges can affect the whole family, and everything is so much harder when we are sleep deprived! (I have been through it myself).

I am passionate about supporting you with any sleep challenges you have with your little one.

Sleep science and emotional wellness for the whole family are the most important aspect of my support.

If you are ready to start sleeping, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to helping you and your family sleep better xx

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