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I am passionate about helping and supporting families work through their sleep challenges to ensure more restful parents, baby and family. Just click on the FAQ below for more info.

How would we work together to improve my baby’s or child’s sleep?

Once we have had our initial discussion and you are happy to move ahead with my help, I will review any sleep challenges that you have and put together a bespoke plan especially for you and your little one.

Every baby and child is so different, so I want to ensure that any work we do together fits in with your family, and, more importantly, you are happy and content with all aspects of the plan.

Click here for further information on my Sleep Support options.

What age does my baby or child have to be to be able to start with your support?

Newborns, babies and children go through so many developmental milestones in the first few years of their lives.  In particular, when a baby is a newborn (also known as the 4th trimester), they go through a period of so many changes, getting used to being outside the womb.

As we all know, we need to help and support our newborns to adapt to these new changes. Because of this, I would recommend my help from 4 months old, however, if a baby is younger than this, there are still different aspects we can review, focusing strongly on sleep science.

I have tried other Sleep Consultants (books or otherwise) and nothing has worked. How can you make a difference to my little one’s sleep, when others couldn’t?

There are many different methods of support and information out there, so it is very easy to get overwhelmed by it all, especially if you are an exhausted parent! 

Whilst working with you and your family, I want to ensure that I can improve your little one’s sleep challenges by focusing strongly on sleep science and emotional wellness.  

All babies have different temperaments that they are born with, so I will put together a comprehensive, personalised and age-appropriate plan, that embrace’s your baby’s unique temperament, and that also incorporates your families current situation – whether your breastfeeding, bottle feeding, co-sleeping, sharing with a sibling or otherwise.

I do not want to have my baby left to cry during this process. How do you ensure this?

Babies do cry – they cry if they are tired, cry if they are frustrated, or just cry if they need to release a few tears (as we all do!).  This is their way of communicating.

My focus is to ensure that parents are educated on sleep science, which includes crying. I do not personally agree with cry-it-out methods, as I do not believe that many parents would be able to leave their child cry for long periods of time, however, minimal crying may happen as baba gets used to any new changes – again, dependant on your baby’s temperament and how they respond to any changes that are made.  Even adults can be challenged with change, so it’s about working with you to ensure contentment for you and your baby.

Why does my baby struggle to sleep and other babies sleep very well from an early age?

The holy grail – a 12-hour sleeping baby from birth!  As we all know, this is probably not a realistic expectation, and of course, every baby is different.  Some babies will start sleeping 12 hours a night, with no feeds and no waking at an early age. The parents of these babies are lucky ☺

I will work closely with parents to educate and review age appropriate sleep expectations.  I believe this is so important to ensure that we are working towards a realistic goal.

What do I need to do during the time we work together?

During each discussion and meeting we have, I will discuss the plan of how we will work together, step by step. It is so important that as parents, you know how I will be supporting you, and what is needed from you to ensure that our time together is successful.

Commitment from you, as well as my knowledge and expertise, is important to ensure that your baby or child has a more restful and healthy sleep. A rested baba is a happy baba (and happy parents too!)

How long will it take for my baby or child’s sleep to start improving?

This depends on your baby’s temperament and what your sleep challenge is, however, you should start seeing improvement within a week initially.

I live in another country – can you help me?

I can support all families in any county in Ireland or country outside of Ireland.

How much do I expect to pay for your support?

Please find information for my 1:1 support packages here.

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